Our Mission

Our Mission

At Emmanuel, our vision is to be a Church that reaches people far from God and teaches people how to follow Jesus.  This is our hope and vision as a Church. Beginning in the fall of 2015 our Staff and Leadership Team began a journey to reevaluate our vision and mission as a church.  We invite you to take a minute to read through our mission statement.  We look forward to sharing life with you as we live out our faith in Christ.  If you have any questions please feel free to email our Senior Pastor Joel Moore.

Found People Reach People

We believe we are called to reach out to those in their community.  We want to share the gospel story with everyone because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. Our hope is to see people impacting their sphere of influence with the hope of Christ.

Found People Grow

We believe we are called to grow in our relationship with Jesus.  You can’t live life alone and to grow as in Christ means being in community with other people.   We hope to see everyone at Emmanuel connected in some capacity with others in our church.

Found People Serve People

We believe we are called to serve others.   We long see everyone at Emmanuel serving in some capacity.  Whether that is on Sunday morning, in the community or through a small group, Jesus called his followers to love and serve one another.

Found People Go

We believe that we are called to take the gospel story to the ends of the earth.  This happens through mission teams being sent out each year but also in equipping people as they spend a season of their life at Emmanuel.